Happy Thanksgiving!

I was trying to download photos from a few weeks ago. And gave up. Again.

So, you'll just have to do with some non-Thanksgiving photos until next week (or three, since it seems I'm behind on posts.)

Late last night we made a crock pot breakfast (lots of onion, bacon, hashbrowns and cheese!) and let it sit over night. Thank you, Pinterest. Johnny's parents came over to help us eat some of it, we still have about 10 servings in the fridge if you're hungry!

Yesterday I went to Winona, MN with Holly to get 80 trees and about 20 wreaths. I have a bunch of pictures I wish I could show you right now! But, you'll just have to be patient :) We're getting our tree from them this afternoon too! ALSO, Holly called early this morning to announce her and Josh's engagement - super excited for them. And, Josh - it's about damn time.

Ok, here's the last couple weeks!
Oh, first I have to show this photo. This is how I currently have to blog - from our tv, since my laptop crashed a while ago. Not as cool as you'd think.

Trice was a little bumblebee!

Ok, more later - need a nap!


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