Oh so tired....

I can't believe it's Sunday night already, I'm not even sure we had a weekend! I guess I'll start this post backwards and talk about today and go through our week.

First off, tomorrow is our two year anniversary! I don't know where the time has gone, but we've been married two years and together almost ten! This may sound weird i guess, but I really do love him more today than I did yesterday and each year we're together continues to get better. I told him the other day that no matter how crazy my life may be with family and/or friends or at work, I know I have him to come home to - and that's all that matters. 

Here's us almost ten years ago:

And here's us on our wedding day:

It was such a beautiful COLD day that went so fast and that I wish I could do over again. I say I'd want to do it over because next time I wish I could relax more and enjoy it more than I did, and not be worried about things going wrong or how I looked. But, I know I made the best decision of my life that day by marrying the best man I know. Maybe one day we'll be lucky enough to share this love with a baby, or two, or four. :) 

I came home last Thursday to a beautiful bouquet of flowers!
I haven't gotten flowers from Johnny in a LONG time - so I was very surprised to come home to this AND dinner! He bowls on Thursday nights, but left everything out for me once I got home from bootcamp. He said he figured I'd had a busy week (VERY true) and could use some flowers. 

Other things that happened this week:

Had my nephews blanket finished! I found a blanket that had been embroidered at the farmer's market that said "ISU Baby" and gave it to a friend's mom who does a lot of embroidery so she could put his name on it!

We sent it off to him last week (Thursday I think?) so hopefully it gets to them sometime next week! Now, he'll have the best Iowa thing yet!

Last night we watched the horrible horrible horrible Iowa State game. BUT - I got to eat some real good ribs that Johnny grilled for us! He went to the store earlier that day and brought home all sorts of stuff - his grocery shopping abilities are unique - to say the least! We helped set up for our church's Fall Festival that day and I worked on my cake making skillz for the cake walk that night:

I realize I'm all over tonight... BUT check out our new windows!!

We still have a ways to go though! Trim should be getting ordered this week and the wainscoting hopefully soon too! Just help me decide where everything in the closet should go - where do you store a Christmas tree?? 

I got home tonight from walk with a friend, to this on our step!

Thank goodness for good neighbors and Rae Rae's! She bet there WAS an apple corer and I didn't believe her - turns out, it does exist, who knew!? 

Alright, I think I've gone on quite long enough for one night. I mean, should I be writing my feelings on current news articles or things that are going on in our life in more depth? I know not many people even read this blog and obviously I'm not great at writing, but maybe I'll try to write every few posts as an "In-depth" post on something current to my life or interest. Let's see how this pans out... ok, now I have to go to bed. With my dog. And get up at 5. Is it Friday yet!? Pumpkin carving next weekend!?


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