Memories of my grandpa

Here's my attempt at something more in depth...
My brothers and I spent A LOT of time at our grandparent's house growing up, and luckily I have many memories of those days. I happened to find a frame my mom gave me a while ago with the pictures below, of me and my grandpa, I'll find some of my grandma and I as well. I realize I was one cute kid (right?) in fact, as you see below, I believe I tried to smile that big just to see how big I could make my smile. I wish I still smiled like that!

I'll just make a list of the most memorable things from those days (the good 'ol days, eh?) because I'm not quite sure how else to go about it. These aren't in any certain order, in fact I'm sure they'll be straight from memory - whatever comes first!

1. I vaguely remember getting my boots stuck in cow poop and him lifting me out, while having to leave my boots in the poop. I mean, that's what grandpa's are for - right? To get you out of trouble!

2. He had congestive heart failure - my grandma was constantly after him to eat better. I remember watching him out the window of their house working on a tractor (he wasn't supposed to be doing that stuff) and I can still remember that feeling of worry. Worrying he would collapse from shortage of breath - I was probably in 4th grade at that time. He lived his life like he didn't have a heart disease, nor did he try to make it better. Believe me, he'd still be working on his tractor and eating at Pizza Ranch every day if that was possible.

3. English muffins or grilled cheese sandwiches and Full House after school. He would pick us up from the bus at the end of the lane after school every day. In fact, I distinctly remember one COLD WINDY day he forgot to pick us up - seriously, we had to walk a half mile to the house! No way!

4. What kid tells their grandpa they want a horse? My brother. Who got one? My brother. Enough said.

5. Eating at Hardees. 

6. Once, he rode my brothers bike just to prove he could. He rode it into the bushes. Whatever, I mean, he made it a little ways. 

7. My grandma would just nail a dog with her purse if it jumped on her, my grandpa would let a dog knock him over before swatting it away. He also always called my grandma "the boss". I believe that's what Johnny calls me - am I wrong?

8. One day, he was supposed to be watching my younger brother and I. Of course this didn't happen, so we decided to have a mud fight. He got IN TROUBLE that day. 

9. Going on walks in the cemetary. 

10. Spraying us from the milk house with the house, while he was supposed to be working!
There ya have it, those are my top ten.

I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to grow up close to them and never had to spend time at a day care. Hopefully, one day, our kids will think the same thing.


  1. awe Em you made me cry. I don't remember the whole horse thing. I do remember the mud fight, getting stuck in the mud and poor Grandpa not wanting to eat correctly. Yes, if he could he'd still be working on tractors and eating at Hardees. Oh and I do remember him trying to ride the bike and ending up in a fence or something. He would have been 90 today..... He is missed still so much...


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