I've been attacked.

Bodyattack is a killer class.

My friend and I go to a bootcamp and our trainer also teaches classes at a gym nearby. She said we could come to her class this afternoon for free - so I couldn't pass it up! Since I had to drive to Cedar Rapids, I decided to go a little early and go to work, which I ended up watching two episodes of Last Man Standing (thank goodness for dual screens, right?). The class was intense! I'm glad I went and was able to check out the gym, I'm considering buying a 3 time a week pass, so I can go to more classes! They have different classes all throughout the day, but I'm especially interested in the 5:30 classes. I think I could have enough time to get there after work and still get home before 7.

So, I still haven't decided what to do about a computer. I actually haven't even looked at any yet either. I have the Creative Suite for a Mac, but VPN for work doesn't work on a Mac... it's a long story that I won't bore you with, I just need to make a decision. Especially since I know my avid fan base is sad they're not able to see any pictures I've taken this week! Right? I thought so.

I've been working on my painting today! I believe I posted about it a few weeks ago... it looks awesome! I can't wait to post a picture sometime soon! I think we'll hang it in our newly painted hallway... maybe?

There's been a lot of good and bad news lately, thank goodness we have good news to kind of balance out the bad. Just keep on keepin' on right? One day at a time :)

Off to bed, body attack is setting in.


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