Argghh, I just spent an hour seeing if I could load the software for my camera to Johnny's computer. This did NOT work. So, I may not be able to post any pictures until I either get a new computer or figure out how to download on this machine.

Today, I painted the hallway the same color brown we painted our office a few weeks ago - I'm really liking the cozy-ness feel to it. Other than that, I just went for a bike ride with Holly this afternoon around town, it was SO nice out! This weekend I attended a good friend's baby shower, it was such a nice turnout. We talked about how you wouldn't be able to manage without having a shower - especially after seeing all the goods she got. I totally forgot to take pictures, it wouldn't matter anyways, because I wouldn't be able to post them!

I'm looking forward to having the day off of work tomorrow, Megan and I are hitting up some shops to get some early Christmas shopping done - maybe I'll be ready this year?! Or, maybe I'll just shop for myself :)

We finally booked our weekend in Galena! The weekend after Thanksgiving we're staying at a spa/hotel to celebrate our two year anniversary and Christmas. I'm excited to be in that area around Christmas time - it will be fun :)

I also just spent some time writing down new books I need to read, I'm pretty sure I read more about books than actually read books. But, I'm currently reading Bloodroot by Amy Greene. It's about legacies that haunt one family across the generations, from the Great Depression to today - so far I haven't gotten too far into it, but it's interesting how they span back and forth between times. I may now call my future daughter Myra or Della - eh?

I believe I have issues with writing these posts, my thoughts are all over the place! You should see me, I'm sitting on our livingroom floor using our big screen tv as my monitor. Johnny has it set up like this so we can watch things online, but it's not conducive to writing a blog post. People outside our house could read what I'm typing if the windows were open! Alright, I better get this snoring dog to bed that's sleeping beside me. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out this photo situation soon!

P.S. Next weekend? I'll be painting a house. In the cold. Should be interesting!


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