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I've been attacked.

Bodyattack is a killer class.

My friend and I go to a bootcamp and our trainer also teaches classes at a gym nearby. She said we could come to her class this afternoon for free - so I couldn't pass it up! Since I had to drive to Cedar Rapids, I decided to go a little early and go to work, which I ended up watching two episodes of Last Man Standing (thank goodness for dual screens, right?). The class was intense! I'm glad I went and was able to check out the gym, I'm considering buying a 3 time a week pass, so I can go to more classes! They have different classes all throughout the day, but I'm especially interested in the 5:30 classes. I think I could have enough time to get there after work and still get home before 7.

So, I still haven't decided what to do about a computer. I actually haven't even looked at any yet either. I have the Creative Suite for a Mac, but VPN for work doesn't work on a Mac... it's a long story that I won't bore you with, …


Argghh, I just spent an hour seeing if I could load the software for my camera to Johnny's computer. This did NOT work. So, I may not be able to post any pictures until I either get a new computer or figure out how to download on this machine.

Today, I painted the hallway the same color brown we painted our office a few weeks ago - I'm really liking the cozy-ness feel to it. Other than that, I just went for a bike ride with Holly this afternoon around town, it was SO nice out! This weekend I attended a good friend's baby shower, it was such a nice turnout. We talked about how you wouldn't be able to manage without having a shower - especially after seeing all the goods she got. I totally forgot to take pictures, it wouldn't matter anyways, because I wouldn't be able to post them!

I'm looking forward to having the day off of work tomorrow, Megan and I are hitting up some shops to get some early Christmas shopping done - maybe I'll be ready this year?! …

Better make this quick!

My computer keeps shutting off as it pleases - so we'll see if I'm able to publish this post!

Today I ran in a first time trail run in Anamosa in the Wapsipinicon State Park. One word to describe how I felt the whole time: horrible. There was more hills than flat running area, it was just rough. My mom came along to take some pictures:

The pictures make it look as if it was a beautiful fall day - don't be deceived! Hehe - it was pretty, just kind of windy and cold. Johnny had suggested going to Zio Johno's after the race, so when we had about a half mile left Laura and I started chanting "pasta, cheese, desserts!" over and over - it seemed to work for a while (not really).

Here are some pictures of the last week:

This "Russ" sign is a painting I started last night, I'll slowly keep adding to it. This is what I have so far and will post an updated picture as I get more done.

The other photos I was trying to post aren't loading!

Tomorrow night I…

Memories of my grandpa

Here's my attempt at something more in depth... My brothers and I spent A LOT of time at our grandparent's house growing up, and luckily I have many memories of those days. I happened to find a frame my mom gave me a while ago with the pictures below, of me and my grandpa, I'll find some of my grandma and I as well. I realize I was one cute kid (right?) in fact, as you see below, I believe I tried to smile that big just to see how big I could make my smile. I wish I still smiled like that!
I'll just make a list of the most memorable things from those days (the good 'ol days, eh?) because I'm not quite sure how else to go about it. These aren't in any certain order, in fact I'm sure they'll be straight from memory - whatever comes first!
1. I vaguely remember getting my boots stuck in cow poop and him lifting me out, while having to leave my boots in the poop. I mean, that's what grandpa's are for - right? To get you out of trouble!
2. He had con…

Pumpkins, anyone?

Saturday afternoon I went along to the pumpkin farm with Rachel, Zeb, Caleb, Holly, Josh and Lily - it was quite the trip! Below, I made a collage of the day - it was fun but exhausting! Holly, Rachel and I agreed next time we'll pick easier pumpkins and template to carve. I'm not kidding when I say it feels like I was in an accident yesterday, because I was leaning over that darn pumpkin for what feels like 3 hours carving!

Later that night we watched the guys play in their band and actually last the WHOLE night! This morning we went to breakfast and then I went shopping with my mom. She found some good stuff at Kohl's, while asking every five minutes: "Ok, I like this - but now, what do you think I should wear under it? Something like what I have on? I just never know." Oh, mom - no matter what you wear I'll still love you, even IF it's tennis shoes and a dress shirt! 
Yesterday, in no time at all, I lost two hours on Pinterest. I couldn't stop lookin…

Oh so tired....

I can't believe it's Sunday night already, I'm not even sure we had a weekend! I guess I'll start this post backwards and talk about today and go through our week.

First off, tomorrow is our two year anniversary! I don't know where the time has gone, but we've been married two years and together almost ten! This may sound weird i guess, but I really do love him more today than I did yesterday and each year we're together continues to get better. I told him the other day that no matter how crazy my life may be with family and/or friends or at work, I know I have him to come home to - and that's all that matters. 

Here's us almost ten years ago:

And here's us on our wedding day:
It was such a beautiful COLD day that went so fast and that I wish I could do over again. I say I'd want to do it over because next time I wish I could relax more and enjoy it more than I did, and not be worried about things going wrong or how I looked. But, I know I made …