Ya gotta have patience, man.

Let me start this post by talking about my afternoon. First of all, why would anyone ever thing doing a "popcorn" ceiling was a good idea? Hmmm? Maybe ours was just faulty. 

This afternoon I decided to continue using the brown-ish paint to paint our front entry way. It's a tiny spot, so I figured it would take an hour, two tops. Before I started, Johnny mentioned painting the ceiling because it did look pretty bad. So, I set out painting the ceiling and started to noticed little paint balls were coming off EVERYWHERE. I was so annoyed and didn't even snap a picture. At one point, I realized there was a bare spot on the ceiling from all the little balls coming off. I knew Johnny had his hole filling scraper thing in the other room, so I ran to get it (of course before laying out a towel, sort of) and the ceiling junk came off with barely ANY effort at all! I had globs of little painty balls all over the floor, but it was really kind of satisfying peeling the ceiling off so easily!

Here's what it looked like before:
And after:

I wish I had a before picture of the ceiling - GROSS!!
Also, this light hasn't worked since we moved in almost 3 years ago - duh, replace the bulb! Anyways, I love the results and I'm glad I did it! I just realized I didn't take a picture of the office, but the color we just put in the entry way  is that same that's in there. Our windows are being put in this week!! Johnny is also ordering the wainscoting this week - painting that will be a lot of work! Can't it come already white? Sheesh.

While I painted, I set Trice up next to the window:

What did we do the rest of the weekend you ask?

Friday night I painted the office while a few people came over to watch the Iowa State/UCONN game - which ISU won! I also may have bought Trice's Halloween costume. Bzzzzz...

I don't think she's a fan?

Yesterday, I went to the last Farmer's Market of the season! Later that night we went out for Rae Rae's birthday!
 We had so much fun!!

This morning we slept until 10! I haven't done that in SO long! The day went way too fast and I think that's to blame :)

While I'll painted, this scene played out in the livingroom:

I stopped to take some shots of Trice, Johnny threw a blanket on her and she just kept laying there. This picture shows her true colors!

Alright, time for bed!


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