Just another busy week...

I can't believe it's Sunday already - I feel like I've barely been home! Yesterday we went to go see Sarisa's baby and her house! Brynn is such a sweetie - such little petite features.

Pretty soon Teresa will be holding her own baby!

We had lunch at Granite City and was able to see her husband there too!

Saturday night was pizza and movie night (except that Johnny fell asleep 10 minutes in to the movie ;) ) We made two homemade pizza's - soooo good I forgot to take pictures!

Today I went to work for about four hours - this time of year is crazy! My aunt and cousins were in town so I met them for lunch on my way home from work.

We're watching Bridesmaids right now. Oh my gosh. This movie is hilarious! I love the SNL girls. I'm also reading Bossypants right now - also good!

Tonight I was getting out Halloween decorations and found a pumpkin headband we'd been given last year (I was just attempting to post a picture of this, but it takes too long! I'll try to load them this week though.)

Yes, this post is pretty low key and lame - just sticking to my twice once a week posts I had promised. I will someday learn how to write and/or elaborate more on our life, but you know what? Right now I'm going to watch Bridesmaids!


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