10 years ago...

I was a sophomore in high school. I remember where I was September 11th 2001 - in study hall from band, hanging out in the commons when the attacks came on tv. Not much was accomplished that day, other than watching this horrible event play out on tv. Johnny and I have been glued to the History Channel all day - we've been watching 102 Minutes that Changed America. There were a lot of things I'd never heard or seen before, ever year it's so hard to realize that actually happened.

10 years ago doesn't seem that long ago, but since then I've met my sister for the first time, graduated college, got married, watched my little brother graduate college, bought a house. All things I never would've seen had I or members of my family been affected by 9/11.

Wheew - how to continue this post after talking about 9/11.

Here's how our weekend played out!

Friday night I cleaned (and watched Caleb ride his bike!) while Johnny and Zeb worked in the garage on Johnny's adirondack chairs. Johnny bought a Hawkeye branding iron (it's actually supposed to be used on burgers!)

Caleb and I instead decided to run around the yard and I chased him on his bike, BUT he was making me nervous because he'd keep looking behind him to make sure I was still chasing him and his bike would wobble every time! Good thing he had a helmet on!

Saturday we watched the Cyclones actually BEAT the Hawks - the game was intense to say the least!
Trice is our good luck charm!

 Before the game was on, I made these:
Jenna's Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. You should probably make these today! One batch only makes 8 - so I only got to eat ONE! So, I maybe made more that night.

Today I did ALL sorts of home improvements all on my lonesome while Johnny left me to watch a football game. Sheesh!

We're working attempting to re-do our office! New windows are being ordered tomorrow, we're going to rip out the carpet too and refinish the wood floor! Wainscoting will be going along the bottom edge, so luckily I only had to paint the top half of the room. Johnny thought the ceiling looked pretty horrible, so we bought ceiling paint and OMG - it looks WHITE now! I didn't realize how off white it was before!

Ok, here's some in process pictures, don't judge... yet.

Ahhh, the before picture: notice the windows! All the trim has been torn off!

And after the primer was put on! Next weekend, I'll put the actual color on - I didn't have the energy to do any more! It really looks pretty horrible with the trim taken off of everything, huh? I can't wait to get new windows and see it all put together. Patience...



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