Let's figure this out.

Hello! I've started a blog a few times, come to think of it they're probably still out in the blog world somewhere untouched. I told Johnny (my husband, who will hopefully enter a few posts) I wanted to start a blog for us to keep track of all the things we do! Don't get me wrong, I don't think we're all that exciting, but this is my attempt to SEE what we do week to week. I feel as we get older, time goes WAY. TOO. FAST.

Here's to us updating you with hopefully twice once a week posts!

This weekend I participated in the Prairieburg Half Marathon. I decided I was absolutely NOT interested in running 13.1 miles and that I would instead BIKE out of town and back. Do you know how far this was? 30.1 miles. After I finished, I decided running would have been better, of course I was way behind everyone on a country highway, crooked helmet and all.

And done:
Later that day, I ended up crashing and taking about a 2 3 hour nap. Today, we just hung out and golfed on this beautiful day!
And now, bed.

Until next time!


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