the doodlebug.

I'm working on designing a new header - stay tuned!

P.S. I just ate 4 oreos. Dangit.

My birthday is this weekend and I have LOTS of plans - maybe an exciting post will finally happen this weekend.

In other random news, I've been wanting to get more involved in community events. Any ideas? There are so many young people groups in Cedar Rapids, yet since we live in Monticello I feel torn as to what to become involved in. A few people have talked about Ignite, a professional younger person group, that I should join. It always seems though, as if those meetings are at the worst times! Weeknight meetings make sense, I get it, but when you work 40 minutes away it just doesn't work! I know there are more things I could make work, I just need to take the time to commit.

I've also been thinking about getting my certification to teach a group exercise class. There is a class being offered in Wisconsin mid-September on how to teach a step class. Have you ever taken a class like that? It's really hard to stay coordinated, but you are absolutely beat at the end of class.

I'm possibly having a quarter life crisis and I think know I need to do something new in life. I'm just not sure what that is. My days are always the same: go to work, work out, supper, bed. I can't complain a whole lot, there are a lot more unfortunate people than I, but I know there's more out there! Go back to school? I've also thought about this- possibly web design this time. I think even taking a few community college classes would help - I'd love to really know how to code a website and not just the basics. These thoughts have been circulating now for quite a while and I know I need to jump on something. In the meantime, maybe I'll sign up for a fall half marathon. Maybe not.


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